Welcome Stranger
Welcome Stranger
Welcome Stranger

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In 2020, David Santiago founded a brewing project with a simple mission: to create exciting, lower ABV beers, without compromising flavor, balance or depth.Pairing the passion for beer with the visual universe of local artist and friend, Balthasar Bosshard (Wonky Studio), Welcome Stranger was formed.Our core range of beers are mostly modern interpretations of classic styles; carefully unraveled, thoroughly explored, and respectfully reformed using new ingredients, alternative techniques and modern brewing knowledge.

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Welcome Stranger currently produces at several breweries throughout Switzerland, although plans are ongoing for a permanent production facility in Winterthur."Generally, I focus on producing flavorful, well-balanced beers with a more modest alcohol content (3-5%). That being said...I enjoy a strong, rich barleywine as much as the next guy.



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