Our World

Our world

Sustainability feels like a big world at the moment but also one we're keen to avoid.

We know we're here to make a difference and that our model is one which promotes a better way forward both in terms of the quality of life we are creating for us and those around us but also in terms of reducing the impact we are making on our planet.

This is just the start and we've got a lot to learn but we're on this journey together and we hope that this section of our site will be able to document some of those learnings and achievements in this space.We also aim to be transparent in terms of the partnerships we choose as a business and the people who have entered "Our World".

To kick things off, and with a pledge to build out this area of our business we have committed to a monthly commitment to Swiss based Climeworks and their commitment to remove Co2 from our atmosphere. At this stage we've committed to permanently removing 40 kg of Co2 from the atmosphere per month. Our intention is to develop this commitment as we grow as a business and have further impact on those around us.