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"To make a long story short, BLZ is the two Balz brothers who thought one day ""let's try to make beer at home"" and believe it or not, that's exactly what they did. As they tried it out, the beer started to look really cool and word started to spread in the Biel region that this was the beer to try.

The rest is relatively simple, quality products that soon receive awards, a growing and highly motivated team, a list of endless projects and ideas that come to fruition with varying degrees of smoothness, but always do! New beers, incredible collaborations, Gin, whisky and that's just the beginning.A small aside that is important, you may be wondering: what is the deeper meaning behind the name BLZ-Company? Try to remove the onlyvowel from their name and you will get the answer. It's as simple as that."

We Brew...

Inspired by American Craft Beer, the BLZ brewing style is distinguished by raw materials that are as local as possible, balanced tastes that can go off the beaten track to surprise you, and new and original attempts. Boredom is clearly not an option.



L'échelette 7


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