Drunk Beard
Drunk Beard
Drunk Beard

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"The DRUNKBEARD project was born during an inspired aperitif in Morrens in the Gros-de Vaud in 2018. All the right signs were there: the sharing of good beers, a bearded brewer, and the image of the thirsty bear on the village emblem.The bearded man is Ruben: a talented self-taught brewer with a keen sense of smell. With his bear-like stubbornness, he quickly found the best ways to brew the beers he loves, India Pale Ales influenced by modern trends and dictated by the watchwords: Juicy & Hazy!The bear from Morrens started small, but dreamed big to refine beers with amazing tastes!"

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Juicy & Hazy



chemin de la Clopette 33


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